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Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Call us non-traditionalists, but we like January: full of promise for the year ahead, a little more daylight with each passing day, and Community Manager Appreciation Day—which just happens to be today. Why do we love CMAD so much? Because we love community managers so much. They're the movers and shakers of their brands, and so much more than the sum of their roles. They inspire conversation, set the bar for collaboration, and lead with compassion.

Here's a look at Lithium-powered communities by the numbers in the last 12 months:

  • 3.8 billion page views
  • 25% of which (905 million) were driven by 712 thousand solutions
  • 1.39 billion unique visitors
  • 29.1 million kudos
  • 27.4 million posts with 18.6 million replies

These are some amazing numbers that are driven by you, our customers, and the community managers that run these pillars of our digital experience.

We'd also be remiss not to thank our own community manager, @AndyK , as well for handling our own corner of the world, Lithosphere!

Of the 7,800 posts across Lithosphere in 2018, 5,200 were customer-generated. In addition, 439 out of 552 solutions came from customers. When looking at community management analytics, remember that customer-generated content is an even stronger indicator of success, as it shows that customers genuinely appreciate your community and want to contribute to it. Factor in another 6,000 kudos given by customers and 2,000 badges given to customers, and should feel great about the past year’s successes.

Community management isn’t easy. It wouldn’t be a sincere thank-you without acknowledging the challenges you overcome every day. As you know, customers in your community don’t always get along. You put out the fires and redirect conversations to benefit everyone.  Oftentimes, you are the first to respond when customers have a problem. Your work retains customers and saves marketing the expense of trying to acquire new customers to replace unsatisfied ones. To top it all off, you rise to the occasion of extremely tough response speed demands.  

From everyone at Lithium + Spredfast, we thank you so much for making your community great. As a result of the tireless work of community managers like you, the world is a little bit more awesome.