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Heelys: Finding Fans and Getting the Word Out

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

c1.pngYou all know Heelys — the roller skate / shoe hybrids that are beloved by “kids” of all ages. Well, Heelys and their savvy agency partner, 358 Communications, are using Scout Labs to get a real-time beat on who’s wearing Heelys and what product or communications issues might exist they can solve.


For instance, they noticed a number of people asking whether the shoes come in adult sizes (which they do!), so Heelys is now looking at campaigns to get that message out.


They have also used Scout Labs to find the all-important celebrity sightings. Right now Heelys is seeking endorsements and partnerships with a number of celebrity Heelys fans. 


Previously posted on on Feb 12, 2009

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