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How Is Your Brand Engaging on Social?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

This statement should come as no surprise: Social can elevate or destroy your brand.

It’s been proven time after time that social amplifies any decision your company makes (negative or positive), which ultimately impacts your bottom line and your customers.


So, how are you investing and engaging on social?


We commissioned a strategic study to measure how well brands are engaging with customers across their digital channels. The result is an in-depth analysis of 70 global consumer brands across 8 industries, tracking more than 300 social channels. Now in its second year, the study compares 2016 to 2017 data to determine whether brands are making headway on social.


The study found that while most brands are improving on basic social tactics, they still have not figured out the right strategic approach to provide a great experience on all the right digital channels.


Our 2017 study found:

  • 98% of brands are still stuck in broadcast mode, focusing largely on push tactics like paid social rather than taking the time to truly engage (i.e. organic social).
  • Only 1% of brands build relationships with influencers, a brand’s biggest advocates – especially during a crisis.


But, no need to panic, we have good news too.


Our report includes tips and best practices on what you can do to improve your brand’s state of social engagement.


Download it here to:

  • Learn from this in-depth analysis of 70 global consumer brands across eight industries,
  • Read mini case studies on what the top brands are doing right,
  • Understand 6 key industry-specific findings and trends,
  • And get 7 Real-World Tips for Better Social Engagement.


There’s no time to waste – your customers are counting on you! Download The State of Social Engagement 2017 today and see better results in your social engagement.