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How Post Office UK Increased Revenue & Brand Value with Lithium

Lithium Alumni (Retired)






Who said you can’t prove social marketing ROI? Certainly, not Post Office UK!  


The #SummerSorted social marketing campaign was a flawlessly executed campaign, and Post Office UK has the data to prove it.  They are a true testament that social marketing can (and does) impact your topline and bottom line results.


This past summer, Post Office UK leveraged Lithium Social Media Management (formerly known as Lithium Reach and Response) to plan, execute and measure their #SummerSorted social media marketing campaign.


When customer service and marketing teams work together, the benefits are simply amazing.


In fact, with Lithium Social Media Management, they easily:

  • Managed over 300 assets, 15 contests with 91 prizes, and more than 36,000 social conversations (all in real-time)
  • Responded to customers quickly (under 38 minutes) across social media


By leveraging Lithium Social Media Management, they saved:

  • More than $27,000 USD (£22,000) on this campaign (compared to the same campaign last year)
  • Almost half (43%) of their team’s time


And on the social ROI front, they:

  • Increased subscribers 113% through the development of engaging content
  • Contributed to more than 8,000 online sales


But wait there’s still much more…  Read their #SummerSorted social campaign strategy, approach and other results here. You’ll learn how you, too, can prove the social ROI of your next marketing campaign.


If you still need more inspiration, check out Post Office UK’s success story for their #LoveSundays campaign here