How We Helped Get Your #SummerTravel On!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



Kids are back in school, beach traffic is slowing down, and your days of wearing white are numbered. These are all signs that summer is coming to a close. As we cope with that reality (margarita anyone?), we’d like to take a moment to share how we celebrated the summer with our Lithium contest, 5 Hot Days of #SummerTravel Giveaways.


For five consecutive days from August 8-12, we posted a travel-themed question on our community and our social channels. Each day, contestants could tweet or post their answer to our community for a chance to win.


Here’s a look at the awesome winning entries and the prizes for each day’s giveaway:


  • Day 1: Where has your #SummerTravel taken you? Share your story or pic to win a $100 Airbnb gift card.


Antonio Tresca (@antoniotresca) of Google Adwords ran away as the Day 1 winner for his tweet entry:



Antonio, we hope the Airbnb gift card comes in handy next time you’re stuck without lodging!


  • Day 2: Which United red carpet club is this? Correct answers are eligible to win a $100 Visa gift card that you can use on your next travel adventure!


Matthew DiMichele (@matthew_d) of Autodesk posted this creative photo entry to be crowned our Day 2 winner:



Matthew- we hope you can use your gift card to help you get to Heathrow in person via United!


  • Day 3: Where do you need a lift this summer? Tell us and you could win a $100 Visa gift card for your next Lyft ride!


Philip Schmelzer (@adsk_cmgrs) of Autodesk stood out as the Day 3 winner with this amazing submission:



  An air-Lyft might not be possible yet, but we love the concept, Philip!


  • Day 4: Guess where this Hilton Hotel is located. Post your guess and you could win a $100 Hilton Hotels e-gift card!


Lena Ellis (@lenaellis) of Elance not only got the answer right, but responded in a clever way that caught the judges’ attention, making her the Day 4 winner:



 Lena, we hope your Hilton Hotels gift card brings you one step closer to Bora Bora!


  • Day 5: What's on your #SummerTravel bucket list? Tell us and you could win a $100 Visa gift card that you can use to help get there with Expedia!


Anton Chiang (@ac) of Centrify was awarded the Day 5 prize for his inspiring tweet:


Anton- tell us when you cross that one off your bucket list!


Our thanks to our loyal fans and community members who joined us for five fun-filled #SummerTravel giveaway days. Hope you all enjoy one last dip in the pool, a few more barbecues in the summer sun, and possibly a weekend get-away to your favorite destination.


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