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I’ve Got My Picks for SXSW 2016. Do You?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Vote-PanelPicker-Idea-2016-FB-2.pngEach year, digital marketers pull out all the stops to submit a SXSW Interactive submission. We all try to find ways to make our point of view stand out in creative and relevant ways. We brainstorm for that perfect, catchy headline. And, of course, we hustle to get our entries submitted by the deadline (which always seems to come too fast).


Here at Lithium, we’re no exception. But the most fun about this entire process is the end goal. It’s the part when we read and see what our counterparts, customers and partners have submitted.

I really enjoy mulling over the sessions that I would like to see at SXSW Interactive and the smart, funny (and sometimes provocative) topics our customers and partners put forward. This year, I have to give a shout out to these 2016 proposals. I hope they get selected because they are truly at the forefront of what’s next for digital marketing and the customer experience.


  • The Meeting of Biomechanics & Shopping Experience: This session from Brooks Running, a Lithium customer, will discuss a new shopping experience for consumers. Brooks Running is ahead of the retail game. They recognize that customers have extreme expectations. It’s essential for retailers to become “customer obsessed” and make shifts in their customer journey in order to compete. There’s no going back in this digital-centric world, and I’m excited to hear how Brooks is conquering it.
  • Inspiring Online Communities Via Real-World Events: This session focuses on merging the offline and online worlds together to build a holistic online community. I’d love to hear what our customer Sony Electronics has to add as well as NASA and Disney Parks. This should be a lively discussion.
  • Measuring the Value of Your Online Community: Proving the value of your digital investment is table stakes at this point and we know it’s essential for the C-suite. We have some great brands that submitted a 2015 Lithy for our Social ROI Titan category that are doing just that. The winner, StarHub, was able to account for S$2.8 million in sales revenue because of their online community investment. This is a big focus at Lithium, and we’re curious to learn more from PwC.
  • Siri, Google Now, And The End Of Marketing: We’re eager for Nate Elliott of Forrester to take on this topic. He covered the social marketing ecosystem during his LiNC 2015 keynote, but we want to hear and learn more on how “decision agents” will affect us marketers in the future.
  • Why Social Selling Isn't Just A Buzzword: Social lead generation or leveraging social data to generate sales is something we talk to our customers about every day. This session will uncover new learnings, but in the meantime have you checked out our webinar with HP: Social Secrets for Driving Revenue? All good learnings to advance us as digital marketers.


We have a few more customers with great sessions at SXSW, too. I gave a thumbs up to AARP, eBay, Lego and PayPal to name a few.


They have my vote. Do they get your vote? If not those, have you seen the Lithium and Klout submissions? Check them out here.

Remember PanelPicker voting closes on Friday, September 4.


Cast your vote! And I hope to see you in Austin!


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