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Inside LiNC'15 - The next customer experience: Total Community

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Moderated by: Joe Cothrel, Chief Community Officer, Lithium


The question seeming to face brands today is not so much about the value of having an on-domain community (those of us who attended LiNC already know just how valuable they are), but rather about how to effectively create a business case for building and delivering on a Total Community social service strategy. That’s what sparked a lively conversation between Lithium Chief Community Officer, Joe Cothrel, and Danielle Kovac of Rogers Communications and Patricia DiPasquale of Canon during one of Tuesday afternoon’s “Strategy” thought leadership sessions.


Joseph_Cothrel.jpgCothrel got the dialogue started by showing all in attendance a simple matrix that visually brought to life the notion that a Total Community strategy takes shape when brands effectively tap into both the audiences and the platforms they have at their fingertips to ensure the needs of their customers are being met with every customer interaction and along every step of a customer’s journey with a brand.


 “The concept of total community needs to be an integrated approach,” said Kovac, underscoring the all-too-often tendency for brands to put social into its very own silo. “Digital transformation and total community go hand in hand.” Though, Kovac added, it requires a company and its leadership to be “truly committed to overhauling the customer experience.” In many ways, brands need to “get involved in the conversation,” said DiPasquale, “and tell customers ‘we hear you!’” When it comes to communities, “one-to-many really does work,” DiPasquale chimed in, reinforcing how communities can not only support a brand’s broader customer service efforts, but also improve the overall experience a customer has with a brand.


graph.pngIn both of these case stories, the road to building communities – and setting the groundwork for building a Total Community strategy – wasn’t met without its challenges. “Our customer service organization at Canon kept saying ‘but what if?’” said DiPasquale, highlighting the headwinds she faced trying to push through social-driven change in a rather conservative and cynical customer service organization. “It took time for them to finally embrace it.” Kovac’s experience at Rogers Communications wasn’t easy breezy either. “I learned to tell a story about what’s important to my key stakeholders and how implementing a community would help them achieve their goals,” Kovac explained. “I became a better storyteller.”


In the end, both Kovac and DiPasquale agree that working toward a Total Community strategy is the way of the future – and are thrilled to have Lithium as a partner to help pave the way.


What does Total Community mean to you and your organization, and how are you integrating community, social and 3rd party sites into your audience group?


For more information about the presenting companies, check out these resources:

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If you are a customer, partner or attended the event, you can download a PDF of this session's presentation here.



 DayleH.jpgDayle Hall is the VP of Brand & Digital Marketing for Lithium. He is responsible for the visual representation of the brand, including all digital properties such as, Lithium community and social media channels.   Dayle is a marketing executive with 17+ years experience across all marketing disciplines.  Prior to joining Lithium, he led Corporate Marketing and Corporate Communications at Aruba Networks where he developed the industry leading community of Wi-Fi technical advocates, Airheads Social.  He has also held multiple marketing roles at Cisco and Oracle. Follow him on twitter @marinadazza




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