Inside LiNC’16: Hackathon Recap

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For the third year in row, we partnered with Persistent Systems to host the LiNC’16 Hackathon at Lithium HQ. Customers and partners from around the world flew in their best developers, designers and even community and social media managers to build the next great idea on the Lithium platform. For this year’s competition, we focused on solutions that delivered powerful user experiences and ways to extend the platform across other applications. Their solutions were judged on creativity, completeness, value to the end-user and applicability to other customers.


This year, we decided to shake things up. During the Hackathon Awards Ceremony at LiNC’16, we invited the Overall Winner to demo their solution in order to highlight the innovation that comes from this event. Talk about nerve-wracking! Nonetheless, the winning team killed it and took home a GoPro as the grand prize. The category winners took home FitBits.


Congrats to all of our winners and challengers! Read about their solutions below.


Overall Winner

The Bridge: Amy Trice @amytrice, John Linster @jlinster, Keyai Lee @Keeeyyyaaaiii, Stephane Akkaoui @sakkaoui

The Bridge won the overall hackathon for a creative customer support solution that integrates Facebook Messenger with Lithium Community and Response, leveraging APIs and a chatbot. When a customer messaged the brand via Messenger, a chatbot pulled content recommendations from the brand's community to help the customer answer their question. As a result, it encourages Facebook users to join the community and resolves support cases from Facebook more efficiently. A demo of the team's solution can be found below.







Best Customization

Swiss Interactive Home: Armin Ledergerber @armled, Jan Biller Grau @MrB77, Lukas Zahnd @luk, Sabrina Heid @sabrina89

Most users begin their research and discovery with a search engine. In order to capitalize on search referral traffic, Swiss Interactive Home created a customized community experience for users that were referred to Lithium communities from search engines. Through a customized UX, their solution aimed  to drive higher engagement and registration conversion.




Best Total Community Integration

Auto-Magic: Jason Nitta @jasonnitta, LaRhonda Frost, Lindsey Duncan @LiDunk, Naveen Narayan @nav2000

Auto-Magic built a content publishing solution that integrated Lithium Community with Lithium Response. It allowed users to curate and broadcast the most valuable community content across social channels.




Best Responsive UI

Responsive Home: Claudius Henrichs @Claudius, Miika Oksanen, Patrick Kaufmann @patrick89, Vanessa Meister @VanessaM

Responsive Home impressively developed a fully responsive solution in just 4 hours. The solution was optimized across four device categories: desktop, tablet (landscape and portrait) and mobile.




Hands down, these challengers took the bulls by the horn. Every year, we host the Hackathon to provide our customers and partners an open environment to collaborate and experiment with new ways to grow their Total Community. And every year, we are impressed with the innovations they deliver than what we could build on our own. This is why we continue to invest in the ability to customize and extend the platform.

Thank you to those that helped make the event a success: Persistent Systems for sponsoring; our talented Lithium Developer Network who served as advisors and for their overall dedication to the developer community; @ArnaudL for taking beautiful photos and action shots throughout the event; @JohnDa@MichaelP, and @sachin for serving on our judging panel; and finally, to our amazing customers and partners – we can't wait to see what you bring next year!

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