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Integrating Lithium Social Web into Your CRM

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



If you’re only seeing one part of your customer’s interactions, how can you provide great customer care? You can’t.


You need to integrate Lithium Social Web into your CRM. By doing this, you’ll gain key insights through social engagements that will be populated automatically in your CRM. This saves your agents time and helps them provide a more streamlined customer care experience, since they’ll have the complete customer context at their fingertips. And in today’s world, customers expect nothing less.


Ready to get started?


We’ve prepared a quick guide to help you understand the benefits and implications of integrating LSW into your CRM.


In this short paper, you’ll learn about:

  • Making social conversations visible to CRM users
  • Extending author profiles in LSW with CRM attributes
  • Updating CRM attributes from LSW
  • Creating cases from social conversations

We’ll also walk you through who is responsible for the integration steps and what to do next to start integrating LSW into your CRM.


Download the free paper now.

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