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Introducing Lithium Reach

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


I’m excited to announce that today we’re launching Lithium Reach, a new social marketing tool, a product we’ve been working on over the last year in partnership with fifteen leading brands from different vertical markets and geographies.  This new product builds on Lithium’s Total Community strategy to help brands engage with their stakeholders across digital channels.



Lithium Reach is a “second generation” social media marketing tool that drastically improves upon what currently exists in the market. 

  • Data driven recommendations: Brands can efficiently curate, manage and publish relevant content including trusted user-generated content from their online communities. Using Klout proprietary algorithms that draw upon machine learning, Reach serves up data-driven recommendations on what content to post and when to post it. Brands have seen at 25% improvement in engagement using Reach’s auto-scheduling recommendations.
  • Simple at Scale: The average social marketer spends 3 hours a day tool. Reach makes marketers more efficient with a clean user-interface for content creation and planning, helping teams save time by using Reach’s enterprise-level workflow. Our beta customers have seen a 50% efficiency increase from reduction in email and streamlined processes.
  • Combined with Lithium Response, Lithium Reach gives brands one platform to manage all social engagement across marketing and customer care- one source of data, one platform, and built to encourage information flow across the entire organization.


But don’t just take it from me. Hear what our customers have to say:


“50+ people are responsible for posting 2,500+ pieces of social content at FOX Sports every week from across the business,” said Chris Gross, Head of Marketing, Brand and Social, Fox Sports Australia. “This makes coordination a challenge and the requirement to be able to move quickly in an aligned manner of paramount importance. Lithium Reach enables us to work as a team on great content and improve overall performance. It’s a game changer.”     


“Lithium Reach’s auto-scheduling of content removes the stress of guessing when our followers are more likely to see and engage with our posts,” said Amanda McCartney, Senior Marketing Specialist, Covered California. “Plus its intuitive, clean design saves time and makes it easy to use.”


Lithium Reach is available immediately. More details at:


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