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It's bigger than Social Software, it's a Brand Nation

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Katy KeimKaty Keim is the Chief Marketing Officer at Lithium Technologies. She is a frequent contributor in the Social CRM Matters blog.


On the Lithosphere she is KatyK. Or you can find her on Twitter @katykeim or at her blog, BookSnob



Hey! A new look and feel. A new way of representing Lithium.


This is the visual backdrop as we kickoff LiNC this week, hosting over 300 customers, prospects and industry rockstars for a deep conversation about what’s happening with the social customer.


While I can assure you we’re passionate about the design change, it’s the spirit behind our new brand that matters most.

At Lithium, we’re talking about something bigger than social software—we’re talking about building a brand nation. This is what our customers do with Lithium: they identify their strongest advocates, find their most passionate customers, and uncover their biggest enthusiasts. They motivate them to belong to the brand with a passion and a fervor they feel for a nation. We inspire them to participate, to evangelize, to sell, and to answer questions as active citizens in the nation.


Bigger than community. A nation of customers across the web.


The new brand is bold and vibrant, which are client communities most definitely are. It’s reflects imagination and inspiration—a different approach than your typical B2B site. Because we aren’t your typical enterprise software company. And yes, it’s playful. Because we are and our sense of gaming is too.


If you see flags in these nations we are building, know that it is not just our flag we fly. We deliver for the world’s best brands, including Home Depot, Best Buy, Sephora, AT&T, Lenovo, giffgaff and IHG. They are who make this story rich and real.


We fly the flags of all the client communities we build.


We have a series of exciting announcements coming over the next few days. Until then—enjoy our refreshing new look!

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