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January Community Highlights

Retired Community Manager


January got off to a fast start, and that, unfortunately, included an attack on the Khoros Marketing Platform. For those affected, we truly appreciate your patience and feedback as we worked through the week to resolve this. As Khoros CEO Jack Blaha mentioned in a previous communication, we take the trust of our customers very seriously and we put your success first, always. For the latest updates on the Marketing Platform Incident, visit the Marketing Blog

Atlas Discussions 

There were a ton of fantastic conversations going on last month. When it came to best practices there were a few great threads like @Toby’s on Submitting Product Ideas, @NicolaC's User Reporting, and several members shared tips with @i_am_ryan in their topic about when to ban users.

Congrats to @StanGromer on their community relaunch! They shared some insights on what they learned from that experience here. @CarolineS also shared their new VIP “hall of fame” area in their community.

Those were just a few of the engaging discussions last month, what did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!


Atlas BlogsCMAD Hero Image.jpg

We celebrated Community Manager Appreciation/Advancement Day last month with a contest, articles, and resources, for a roundup of everything we shared visit CMAD 2020: ICYMI Roundup. We also really enjoyed reading all of the thoughtful advice for Community Managers Atlas members shared in the CMAD 2020 ContestJamilaR_1-1581089800488.jpegDoes your brand use Khoros technology? Do our tools help you build strategies and results that others can learn from? Share your stories and successes through the first annual Khoros Kudos Awards!


This recent blog has tips for those who have communities and want to expand and/or promote their community at in-person events.


Increasing Khoros Communities engagement is often a common goal no matter your industry, so we’re happy to share these 3 initiatives that could help do just that. 

Customers can read about a few changes that we implemented over the past year based on your input in Looking into 2020: You Asked — We Listened.


Top Kudoed Contributors

Shout out to the Top Kudoed Contributors last month: @ayodo@Wendy_S@StanGromer@kgroneman, and @CarolineS!

Thank you, everyone, who visited Atlas and participated in discussions last month, it’s members like you who make our community truly great. 


Until next time!