Klout Scores Hit All-Time High

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

If the growing popularity of the selfie stick wasn’t proof enough that selfies are the most valuable piece of social content swirling around the interwebs today, then this announcement certainly will turn you into a believer. The geniuses behind Klout have been busy concocting a new algorithm that finally gives selfies the social influencer credit they deserve, giving an extra special (and rather substantial, might we say) boost to the Klout scores of the many fabulously narcissistic selfie-takers all around the world. Whoever said “a selfie a day keeps all modesty away” was just talking all sorts of silly!


blog_kloutstratosphere_body.pngSo far, this change has been met with nothing but open arms. This new algorithm is a radically different approach to measuring social influence, like nothing we’ve seen before. It takes into account more inputs, networks, and what we’re calling “real world” signals into a person’s final Klout score, creating a new way to accurately reflect someone’s online presence. It’s our own way of showing that the evolving definition of social influence is in direct correlation to perceived shifts in the cultural zeitgeist. This change is all about staying ahead of the curve.


Head over to the Klout blog to find out more.