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LSW Cuts Through the Noise So You Can Hear the Signals That Matter

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

LSW Cuts Through the Noise So You Can Hear the Signals That Matter.jpg

Last week, Bloomberg announced an agreement with Twitter to add Bloomberg-curated tweets to their terminals in an effort to provide their clients faster insight into market trends, sentiment and movement. Twitter has become a key staple in letting analysts gain real-time insight that can help them make more informed decisions faster based on what they see is trending.


The key to competitive advantage (and great customer service!) is often all about how clearly you can see the big picture before it becomes a crisis, or before your competitors do. So, how can you gain a clearer image of what’s trending among customers for your brand?

Lithium Social Web (LSW) captures Twitter feeds, as well as other social networks and community content, curates them to specific audiences within your organization and provides real-time customer insight that informs your customer service and marketing teams. The dashboard feature allows you to see the “big picture” of what’s trending among your customers in real-time and share it across your organization. This empowers your customer care and marketing teams to cut through the noise and hear the signals that matter – particularly around customer service issues and sentiment – and react faster.


It also is a key component of what we call Total Community – an approach that leverages peer-to-peer support, internal experts and industry influencers – to provide faster, more accurate information to customers when they are researching, solving a problem or voicing a concern. LSW pulls together the customer insight, conversations, experts and processes that allow you to synthesize your responses to customers to provide an outstanding customer experience, drive loyalty and do what matters most to customers: meet their needs in real-time.


As Bloomberg leverages Twitter content as a barometer of market trends, LSW can help brands leverage the conversations, questions and insight customers are articulating around your brand in a seamless manner.


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