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LSW Gives Microsoft Mobile a Scalable Social Care Solution

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Microsoft Mobile case study image.jpeg


Apparently, the third time really is a charm, as both Microsoft Mobile and Symantec recently learned.


In 2012, Microsoft Mobile (Nokia at the time) had a presence in social media with Twitter and Facebook accounts; however, many of the cases went unanswered and unaddressed. This was simply because they were not listening on social due to having insufficient tools with their first vendor and an inadequate team to manage social care requests. Microsoft Mobile switched to a second vendor from 2012-2013, but their solution was falling short and they needed to operationalize their Social Care Practice on a bigger scale. That was the tipping point.


In 2013, the business—now Microsoft Mobile after Nokia’s acquisition—launched a critical quest for a new digital solution that offered multiple features and a stable platform that could grow with them over time. They selected Lithium Social Web (LSW) —their third vendor—and have already astounded themselves with impressive results, such as:

  • Volume of cases managed: 230% increase
  • Cases solved on social: 95%
  • # of Facebook pages managed: 66
  • # of languages monitored: 24
  • Cost savings: 80% of € per case


Find out how they achieved these digital wins with LSW.

Read the full case study here.