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LSW Takes Out Symantec's Prior Vendor

Khoros Alumni (Retired)



In 2012, Symantec switched to a new vendor to support their social customer service efforts, however all the positive customer feedback immediately stopped due to the tool’s unnecessary extra layers between them and the customer. This caused extremely long delays in response time. It was critical to seek a better, long-term solution.


In 2013, they switched to their third vendor, Lithium Social Web (LSW), after a thorough process researching a tool that was laser-focused on customer service. As soon as they switched to LSW, the positive customer sentiments immediately came back, due to achieving a quicker response time (from 24 hours down to 5 minutes). Symantec was also able to expand their social customer service team with more agents, multi-language support, and the ability to provide weekend coverage, which wasn’t possible prior to LSW. They can handle more volume with less effort. In their words, “the move to this more managed solution has been groundbreaking for us.”


Find out more about how they revamped their customer care team with LSW.

Read the full case study here.

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