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LSW in February: Three New Product Features, Continued Growth and Much More…

Khoros Alumni (Retired)



We’re so excited to have announced three game-changing new features for the social customer service industry. LSW and the social care industry has been all the rage lately. Everything from our new industry-first features to Apple launching Twitter support – social care is top of mind for everyone who touches the customer experience.


And – it’s no surprise – that LSW is front and center.


In case you missed all the buzz, we’ve put all the latest in our monthly recap.


Here’s what you need to know from February 2016:


New LSW Product Features: In the last few weeks, we’re so proud to bring three new LSW features to help our customers take their social customer service to the next level.

  1. Mobile Analytics: The business of social requires customer service teams to have quick visibility in order to be agile, identify trends early, and ultimately deliver the best customer experience possible. Our latest release allows brands to do just that with an updated user experience and important analytics accessible on-the-go on Android and iPhone devices. Read more here.
  2. Seamless Public to Private Conversations on Twitter & Facebook: Brands are now able to transition customer Twitter conversations from public to private seamlessly on LSW, making it easier for brands to take conversations offline to gather more information or diffuse a situation more privately. Plus, we were the first social platform to integrate with Facebook’s Business Messenger to allow social care agents to initiate a private response directly and privately with a customer. Read more here.
  3. Customer Feedback in Real-Time: LSW also now supports Twitter’s new Customer Feedback capability, giving brands the ability to initiate a survey to customers’ in-channel and extract Net Promoter Score (NPS®) or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) data. Read more here.


LSW Sees Significant Growth: In 2015, we’ve welcomed so many great brands from all around the world to the LSW family, such as: StubHub, Flybe, Standard Bank Group and MultiChoice. And we’re so excited to see that our LSW customer roster has grown 50% percent in the last year with more to come in 2016!


Op-ed: Tim Lopez of Symantec gives us his point-of-view on the news that Apple now has a Twitter support handle in an article: Welcome @AppleSupport. Seriously. In his post, he says “I prefer Lithium and their Lithium Social Web solution. It gives us everything we need to do effective Social Customer Care.” Thanks for the shout-out, Tim!


Customer Spotlight: We sat down with Kriti Kapoor, Global Director, Social Customer Care at HP Inc., for a video Q&A to gain insights into how they manage their digital platforms and what they are learning as they mature their social customer care model. Watch the video here.


Here's why customer service will never be the same: Business Insider includes 7 ways to help your business deliver the best service possible whether you have a dedicated social team or equip your traditional team to manage social care.


The 2016 Lithy Awards Are Open! Submit Your Entries by April 4th: The 2016 Lithium Digital Customer Excellence Awards, also known as the Lithys, are now accepting submissions. Submit here to be honored with other top organizations that are transforming the way they connect with customers.