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Let's Be Frank - Thought Leadership Series with Rob Tarkoff and Geoffrey Moore

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



We’re really looking forward to hosting the renowned management strategist and author Geoffrey Moore here at Lithium for the next installment of our thought leadership program, “Let’s Be Frank.”


In his classic business book Crossing the Chasm, Moore defines marketing as “taking action to create, grow, maintain or defend markets.” For companies hoping to narrow the chasm between early adopters and more mainstream markets, how have digital marketing strategies and social media changed the ways companies go to market?


Let’s find out together on February 11th. Join us for a Frank discussion between Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff and Geoffrey Moore by registering here. And, then join the conversation at #FrankLi




Richard Reilly is the Director of Corporate Events at Lithium Technologies. He joined Lithium in 2011 from an experiential marketing agency.


On the Lithosphere he is RichRe. On Twitter, you can find him @rreillyjr

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