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Let's Be Frank - Thought Leadership Series with Rob Tarkoff and Nick Bilton

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



We’re pretty excited to host the author and New York Times columnist Nick Bilton at our next “Let Be Frank” event, our ongoing thought-leadership series. Nick will not only discuss his best-selling book, Hatching Twitter, but also his thoughts on the future of technology and the impact of the Web on culture and media.


Before I started reading Nick Bilton’s book, I assumed that I already knew the story of how Twitter came to be. Initially, it seemed like a familiar story: A couple of young, laser-focused, techies working and coding in digital harmony to develop a revolutionary, new, social networking platform, right?  Not so fast... What I leaned instead and should have expected, is that when it comes to the founding of any company, it’s often not only complicated but messy too.


The original idea for Twitter was hatched during a late night conversation between two friends confronting their own loneliness. What happened after that is what makes this book a genuine pager-turner – an engaging, behind-the-scenes, look at a company whose immense cultural impact is hard to quantify. I couldn’t help but think as I read it that it would make for a great movie – there’s drama aplenty, along with intrigue, betrayal and deep personal conflict. In fact, it’s recently been optioned for a TV series. And, to think that all of this emanated from just a hundred and forty characters. Who knew?  


Join us March 20th either in-person at our SF Headquarters, or live from the Lithium Community for a Frank discussion between Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff and Nick Bilton by registering here. And, then join the conversation at #FrankLi