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LiNC '14 NOW - Registration is open!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)
LiNC "14 Banner


It’s that time of year again: a time of unbridled excitement and quiet reflection, of hope and expectation. Yes, LiNC ’14 registration is NOW open!


This year’s LiNC theme is NOW and it’s very timely. As a theme, it’s both immediate and amorphous. It’s a bit like the quote from the cult classic film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, “no matter where you go...there you are.” And, regardless of what your iPhone or “clock-bracelet” says, the time is always NOW. Though, in this case NOW is about working together to address the increasing urgency and expectations facing our customers, while providing real world examples and solutions to help them deliver the best possible customer experiences. NOW, is a promise.


For those who haven’t yet attended, describing LiNC is like our theme – it goes beyond simple words and has to be experienced in the moment. It’s easier to list what LiNC is NOT? It is NOT your standard user’s conference where one narcolepsy-inducing, canned, pitch after another quietly saps your will to live. Instead, LiNC is about the energy that’s created when a community driven by personal experience, inspiration and innovation comes together in a singular place and time.


While this is only my third LiNC, it is perhaps the 200th event in which I’ve participated. You would think that might leave me cynical and jaded. But, LiNC is different and I think I know why – it’s the community stupid (me, not you!) Our community of customers, partners and employees bring the proverbial “it” every year with the passion of the converted – they are believers in the idea that what we all do, not only matters, but also is profoundly changing the way businesses, brands and customers connect, engage and communicate. And, it’s all happening NOW. 


If you were to ask me the best time to register for LiNC, I’d say, “NOW.” But you’d also have to know that my watch (clock-bracelet) runs about ten minutes fast. See you in the future.





Richard Reilly is the Director of Corporate Events at Lithium Technologies. He joined Lithium in 2011 from an experiential marketing agency.


On the Lithosphere he is RichRe. On Twitter, you can find him @rreillyjr