LiNC '15 Early Bird Registration Is Now Open!

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Getting the right people together with the right content defines all great events. LiNC’s value relies on the unique voices, stories and perspectives of our customers, who as part of a community of disruptive thinkers, get together to share, connect and create the future of digital experience.


Even in an increasingly digital world, immersive, live experiences are irreplaceable. Whether interacting in real-time and talking face-to-face, greeting old friends or making new ones, it’s these personal connections that make the experience meaningful and valuable. And this year’s LiNC will be all about sharing these experiences.


Register now and join us to celebrate the possibilities created when we connect, engage and learn together. And, if you missed last year’s event, or were there and simply want to experience it again, check out the highlights from LiNC ’14.


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Not confirmed and booked yet but excited and looking forward to it, will be my 1st Linc 🙂 

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@Fellsteruk great to hear that you'll  be attedning this year. I think LiNC 15 will surprise and delight you. We have some pretty ambitious plans in store. More to come...

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Now I'm really excited 🙂
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