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LiNC '16: A Photographer's Story

Khoros Expert

Pictures are supposed to speak for themselves, but here’s my story using words and pictures.


Every year, LiNC takes place in San Francisco, otherwise known as a photographer's paradise. It is a dreamland, and is always so inspiring! One day, I'll make an album about it, but that's another story Smiley Very Happy

LiNC 16 discover SF.jpg


LiNC itself is always the sum of so many stories, and every year, as I'm fortunate to be part of Lithium, I cannot help but try to capture some of them. Here’s a throwback to LiNC in 2012, when I was using my iPhone 3GS, and not my current Nikon Monsters. By the way, at this time, @KatyK was the only CMO part of the Avengers !

Collage LiNC12.jpg


What about LiNC ’16? Here’s where I’m revealing all the pictures I took this year. There are many, but that’s because there were so many moments among you all to capture. Though you may not see yourself in the galleries, these photos will hopefully bring back some great memories of LiNC’16, and inspire you to come for LiNC ’17!


June 8 (yes, you can click on the thumbnails directly)

Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.00.13_resize.png Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.00.22_resize.png Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.00.31_resize.png Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.00.40_resize.png

Hackathon :

Certifications & Master Classes :

Welcome Reception :

Stars & LEAC Dinners :


June 9

Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.01.06_resize.png Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.01.23_resize.png Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.01.32_resize.png Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.02.00_resize.png Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.02.08_resize.png

Intro, Jason Silva Keynote, Rob Tarkoff Keynote :

Customer Panel, Katy Keim Keynote :

Sessions :

Stars Ceremony, Microsoft Keynote, Tom Fishburne :

LiNC Bash & Lithy Awards Ball :


June 10

Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.02.33_resize.png Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.02.55_resize.png Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.03.13_resize.png

Product, Geoffrey Moore, Hackathon Winners :

Sessions :

Brian Solis, Closing, Unconference :


And for convenience, here’s a summary of LiNC in one single album (still multiple pages) —some of my personal favorites as well as shots that represent LiNC well :

Screenshot 2016-07-01 16.03.31_resize.png



As for personal favorites, Brian Solis’ presentation was such an immersive visual experience this year :

Collage for Litho.jpg


I really hope you will enjoy the visual journey as much as I enjoyed capturing it for you!


Finally, I want to offer my apologies and thanks. Apologies to those I’ve annoyed with the sound of my cameras. Proper feedback has been sent to Tokyo directly Smiley Happy And thank you to the LiNC staff. It has been my pride, joy and honor to work with you all again this year.



PS : in case you are wondering, all those pictures have been taken in order to be as useful as they can be. So please feel free to download and use them personally or for your company while respecting everyone's privacy. Credits thru link to my social accounts, Twitter or Instagram, are welcome  anytime ! Smiley Very Happy


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