LiNC '16 Resolutions: Invest in yourself (& maybe win a free pass!)

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 LiNC 2016... Consider it your halfway point on your resolutions.


New Year, renewed level of energy and ambition. We’ve all been nourished with holiday cookies, quenched with eggnog, showered with love from grandma (maybe champagne if you kept it going through New Year’s Eve)… and now it’s time to make some SERIOUS new resolutions.


2016: A time for fitness. Companies like Groupon, Living Social, and Gilt are teeming with discounted gym memberships. Anything more than 50% off is basically free right? Not to mention all the yoga studios that offer a week of free membership, which is probably more than you committed to last January, so bravo!



Therefore, Resolution #1 is a no-brainer:

I will go to the gym every week! (Need to get fit for all those SF hills in June).



2016: A time for dietary improvement. Everyone is doing something these days to better their diet. But for me at least, when Thanksgiving hits, all bets are off. I MUST get back into good habits… Maybe I'll try the Paleo diet?



Alas, Resolution #2:

I will maintain a healthy eating regime (So I can break it in time for LiNC and indulge in all the great San Francisco cuisine. Dungeness crab, anyone?)


2016: A time for growing in your career. LinkedIn is great, don’t get me wrong, but I could use a little face-to-face networking. Our holiday party apparently doesn’t count as a networking event. Meeting people outside of my company- what a concept!



Thus, Resolution #3:

I will do more to network and grow my career (By LiNC I will be ready to network with all those customer experience professionals!)



2016: A time to flourish financially. Post-holiday. I am on the verge of cutting up my credit card! But after looking at LiNC’s awesome prices, I plan to go to my boss and present to him how much of a steal this conference will be with the early bird discount… Hoping we can put that extra money from our budget towards other pipeline-driving initiatives (also may suggest a company-wide vacation).



Testament to Resolution #4:

I will save more and invest more (I’ll save money and invest in myself using the LiNC ’16 early bird offer)


2016: A time for personal growth. My fear of the gym last year may have kept me from going, but this year, I am going to strive for a new feat. Perhaps it is to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Maybe I’ll get a promotion. Maybe I’ll conquer my phobia of airplane bathrooms. Maybe I’ll be more involved in the 2016 Election. Maybe I will shake @MikeW's  hand or take a selfie with @KatyK.



Easy - Resolution #5:

I will conquer a fear (I will get Dr. Wu’s autograph and a selfie with matching hat and glasses)



It is our hope that LiNC can be a stepping stone to a better year and a better YOU! It all starts with registering for LiNC 2016.


Let us know your best resolution in under 50 words

and you could win a FREE Pass to LiNC!


Update: The winner has been announced! Check out this blog to see who won a free pass to LiNC!


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