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LiNC '16: Social Recap

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

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It’s hard to believe it has been two weeks since LiNC ’16. As a way to recap our community coming together for “The Next Dimension,” we looked at our social media highlights during the three days—and not forgetting the Lithy Awards of course!


We try to improve our annual conference every year to bring valuable insights to the already active community members. This year’s LiNC was our biggest yet, with 25 percent more attendees from last year joining us.


Social on Mobile


LiNC Social Recap Image.jpg


To keep you updated on all the conversations around LiNC, we rolled out our mobile app just for LiNC ’16! We saw our attendees sharing snapshots of arriving in the city, reconnecting with their old LiNC buddies, and (sadly) saying goodbye to them until LiNC ’17.


This amounted to over 12,000 likes and 1,500 comments. We love getting feedback from the attendees so that we can improve year-to-year. The polls show that customer presentations were the most popular, followed by the LiNC Bash & Lithy Awards Ball and the closing keynote from Brian Solis.


The conversation didn’t end once LiNC came to a close on Friday. Many shared their journey back home, whether that be heading to the airport or grabbing a drink in celebration of a successful event! As you can see below, our community was just as engaged in the weekend after LiNC.


linc '16 mobile use graph.JPG

Congratulations to our top influential attendees, who kept connected with other Community members throughout the event.


#1: @KathleenGarrity received almost 1,600 likes and gave over 380 comments on the app.


#2: @pollardk received over 830 likes and gave almost 180 likes.


#3: @lilim received over 650 likes and gave over 1,000 likes to our members’ posts.


Out of 670 active users of the app, almost 570 were engaged, liking and commenting on posts—that’s almost an 85% engagement rate!


Social on Twitter- Brought to you by Lithium Reach


Since one of the highlights was the announcement of our newest product, Lithium Reach, we took a close look at the social media impact of LiNC using Reach’s analytics feature.


Interestingly, our announcement about Lithium Reach generated the most social engagement on Twitter, grabbing two of the top three spots for our brand posts.


You can see how excited our audience was about Jason Silva being our keynote speaker, grabbing the second highest spot for top brand posts.


linc '16 reach screenshot.jpg

Comparison by Channel


When we break it down by platform, we see that Twitter clearly dominates, partly because live-tweeting is used most commonly during keynote speeches.


linc '16 reach pie chart.jpg

#LiNC16 Instagram Contest


What better way to show community than making a mosaic out of all the LiNC memories? So for an entire week, we hosted a contest on Instagram called 7 Days of Insta-LiNC. We asked people to Instagram a photo according to the daily theme using the hashtag #LiNC16. In the days leading up to LiNC, we wanted to see what city everyone was flying in from, and who they’ll miss the most while they’re away.


The winning posts from the mentioned themes are below:


insta contest winner hood blog.JPG insta contest winner blog.JPG


#LithiumReach Twitter Contest


To get everyone hyped up about Reach, we hosted a #LithiumReach contest on Twitter. We encouraged LiNC attendees to either a) find a Reach expert and snap a photo with them or b) tweet one thing they learned about or like about Reach using #LithiumReach. The photo winner for each day received a $200 gift card and two non-photo tweeters received $25 gift cards.


Check out the winning photos from both days:


reach day 2 winner.JPGreach day 1 winner.JPG

Thank you to our entire community for engaging with us online—and off-line. See you at LiNC ’17!

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