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Lithium CX Files: Alteryx Scales Social and Content Marketing with Lithium Reach

Lithium CX Files: Alteryx from Lithium on Vimeo.


“Our team was very scattered – blasting social networks in their free time, not as a strategy.”

Lithium Reach helped us take control of our social efforts in ways that we had never been able to before. Workflows, user permissions, content scheduling, day-parting, and all of the other features in Lithium Reach have allowed us to discover content worth sharing and get it out to our community in a much faster and cleaner way. The tool’s data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of scheduling and posting content, relieving major pain points we had in the past.


“We’ve seen a lot of results and improvements, most of it on the efficiency and process side.”

The workflow functionality of Lithium Reach has fundamentally changed how we go about developing and distributing content. In fact, we didn’t really have any kind of process in place before. The reality that we can now move our content development process along in a streamlined fashion has been a true revelation for our team. The benefit of this is twofold: it’s not only helped improve our overall speed to market, but it’s also raised the bar on the quality of our content.


“In 2016, our team is going to grow significantly on the social and community side.”

As our team grows, we’ve learned that we need tools and resources that will grow along with us. Lithium Reach provides the kind of scale we need, now and well into the future. One of the biggest perks is around user permissions and collaboration. With Lithium Reach, it’s possible for other members from our internal team – not only those who manage our social and community efforts on a day-to-day basis – to contribute freely, but without ever needing to get into the weeds. This ability to collaborate organically will be essential in growing our content development strategy and pipeline, expanding into different social networks, and evolving our marketing efforts for years to come.


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briano.pngBrian Oblinger is Vice President of Community and Support at Alteryx, where he is responsible for overseeing strategy, execution, and measurement of community and customer support to drive engagement, satisfaction, and retention.





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