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Lithium CX Files: Sprint Drives Engagement By Investing in Digital Customer Experience

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


“Our community is all about customer experience.” 

Dave Hoffman, Manager of Community, Social, and Chat – Sprint


Many businesses know that today’s consumers will opt to call customer service as a last resort. In fact, our very own research has proved this time and time again. More people want to find information on their own – and they’re looking to a brand’s website and online community to get the answers they need, fast. So, when it became clear to Sprint that this is what their customers wanted, needed, and expected from them, they knew it was time to look for a partner that could help them deliver on this. That’s when they turned to Lithium. Listen in and watch our chat with Dave Hoffman, Sprint’s Manager of Community, Social, and Chat, about why finding the right partner has been so critical in achieving these goals.








In the videos, Dave tells us:


Overcoming Challenges

“We started to confront some serious obstacles before we began working with Lithium. Not only were there some general platform issues for us to deal with, but, as we dug in deeper, it was clear that not enough members were participating in our community to make it a truly valuable experience for anyone visiting our website. We didn’t even have brand ambassadors that we could rely on to help us curate the community experience. What we knew, however, is that customers didn’t want to call us to get the help or answers they needed. Unfortunately, because our community wasn’t operating to its full potential, they had no choice but to call us. This was simply not an effective way to serve our customers’ needs.”


Addressing Customer Needs

“As we began the overhaul of our online community, our primary goal was to help our customers get answers to their questions, fast – and without having to call customer service. There are two reasons for this. First, knowing that our customers wanted to come to our website as a first line of defense to find answers, we had to put ourselves in their shoes and think about how we could build and deliver an experience that ultimately addressed their needs. Driving them to our community was – and still is – our priority. Second, from an internal standpoint, we needed to help our customer support team operate more effectively by staying focused on helping our customers overcome more complex issues and not being bogged down by simple, easy-to-answer questions that contributed to massive call volume. So, as we started to build out our new online community, we paid very close attention to call deflection. Here’s the good news. As we made more answers and solutions readily accessible on our community, we’ve seen call volume decrease significantly as visits to the community have increased exponentially – currently, at a whopping 16 million views per month! Clearly, our strategy is working.”


A Makeover with a Purpose

“By working with Lithium to give our online community new life and purpose, it soon became abundantly clear that creating a robust digital customer experience across our entire digital presence needed to become our next priority. So, we’re now giving a complete makeover.  “Community” will be at the forefront of this design. What we know is that we must put the customer’s wants, needs, and expectations first. Focusing on what our customers need from us will be central to every business decision we make moving forward. They want to find answers to questions, fast. Our entire approach to digital customer experience must address that need head on.”


The Importance of Social Care
“Social customer care is quickly becoming a more integral part of how we better serve our customers. As we’ve started to build out our social care capabilities, we took three important things into consideration. First, we needed a best-in-class platform to simplify, streamline, and automate this experience more effectively. Second, we needed access to robust analytics and reporting capabilities so that would could understand the impact of our social care efforts in real-time. And third, we needed a partner to help us take this experience to the next level. It didn’t take us long to realize that Lithium would soon be this partner. What made them stand out was the simple fact that their platform was created and built by customer care professionals: people who understand the ins and outs of customer care. For us, this was more than just choosing a platform; it was about finding a partner who could work with us every step of the way to ensure that the customer was at the core of our social care efforts.”