Lithium Community Rolls Out New Product Mention Feature

Community Manager

@ClaudiusH and I have been playing around with the Product Mentions and are now ready to start enabling the mentions on the Lithium Community as we aim to roll out more features.


You may have noticed that we have updated our .com pages recently, so this felt like a good time to launch the Product Mentions feature. The feature allows you to link to .com pages easily, essentially creating a shortcut. Over the longer term, the more the product mentions get used, the easier it will be for users to find relevant content.procutmention.png

Similar to @Mention, to use the Product Mentions feature, simply type # followed by at least 2 letters from your intended term. This will produce a drop down which will search the available terms. The search will include terms from the description of the product as well.


Please note: We have made a slight customization to show the # on the product mention for clarity purposes.

Current products we have enabled are Reach, Khoros CareKhoros Communities as the main categories. We have broken down the community list to its component parts as listed on the product pages.



casesensitivity.pngFeel free to try out the feature, let us know us know how you find the experience. Do you think the presentation of cards and in-content styling makes sense? Do you see a use for this on your own community?


We look forward to your feedback! 


Current available products: 


Profile Plus

Khoros Communities

Q and A


Ratings and Reviews




Khoros Care


Social Analytics


Tribal Knowledge Base


Value Analytics
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