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Lithium Go: Who Caught ‘Em All?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)



For 5 consecutive days last week, we released a new Lithium Executive avatar on the community, along with a hint of where to find them. 42 players competed for the title of Lithium Go Winner and, now,  we’re celebrating the tenacious bunch who made it to the end.


Congratulations to: 













You caught ‘em all!


All our awesome players received badges yesterday for their individual finds, as well as the Grand Winner badges for our finalists.




In the spirit of Pokémon Go and reaching peak #GamificationGoals, we tried something new with Lithium Go and are really excited with the reactions we’ve gotten. Here’s a look at some of the potential best practices and lessons learned over the course of this competition:


  1. Challenge your players. We played around with hint difficulty and avatar placement every day and found that our community members responded best when faced with the hardest challenges. Further, these more challenging days saw higher engagement in both number of players and duration of activity. Learning: Give members a real challenge!


  1. Anticipate barriers to fairness and fun. Our community is open to every region of the world. For that reason, we welcomed all our members to participate in Lithium Go, regardless of region.  However, because success depended on speed – how fast you could find the avatar users in time zones in regions outside the U.S. missed out on some of the fun. In the future, we’ll consider segmenting activities by time zone.  Learning: Make sure everyone gets a fair chance.


  1. Prepare for hiccups. Glitches with technology or processes may happen, particularly when you’re trying something new. This can be particularly frustrating in a game, where the rules and conditions need to be fixed and predictable – like the lines on a playing field.  When problems do occur, it’s important to communicate quickly and clearly, so players know what’s up. And we found it’s critical to have a community team that jumps on issues immediately and resolves them without delay.  Learning: When a problem occurs, communicate and fix!


Many thanks to our loyal, determined, and enthusiastic community members who joined us on this #LithiumGo adventure. We hope you had fun and learned something new from our community along the way.





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