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Lithium Nominated for an Edison

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

The whole team at Lithium loves what we do and more over, we draw no greater satisfaction than helping our customers achieve their business goals through the power of a vibrant and healthy community.

spiffys.pngWe're delighted then to be nominated for an Edison Award for the Most Innovative Startup, in this year's Telecom Council SPIFFY Awards.

Every year the Telecom Council nominates a select few companies who are, in the eyes of their members, moving their businesses forward. 


The Edison Award is bestowed on innovative Startups. In the words of the Telecom Council

"Some ideas are so unusual they surprise you, but it’s a small minority of these that are also likely to succeed. With this award (the Edison), we recognize the startup that brings the most innovative ideas, but also the ability to successfully bring that idea to market."

Votes are being cast right now, with the winners being announced on Feb 28th at the Telecom Council's Service Provider Forum SPIFFY Award dinner at the Aquarius Theater in Palo Alto.


Thanks to all the members that nominated us to the awards in the first place, we are honoured and very grateful.


Wish us luck on the 28th!

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