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Lithium Receives Award for Virtual Event Excellence

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

DanZ.jpgAs Lithium Technologies’ Director of Marketing, Dan Ziman is 'in the thick of it' on a daily basis.


He is a frequent contributor in the Social CRM Matters blog on the Lithosphere.

You can follow him on Twitter at @LostintheFlog



The mark of whether or not you’ve marketed well is when your results come in. In the last few years marketing departments have come under pressure to measure pretty much everything.  And for good reason. 


Marketers spend approximately 2 to 3 times their cost of salaries on marketing programs—this shocks some people. This is all the more reason for marketers to select and manage your vendors carefully.  Most importantly, manage your vendors to clear objectives.

Another mark of whether your marketing is working is when you receive honors. Awards recognize the times when vision, communication, and execution meet – when you stand out from the noise. Today ON24 announced their Virtual Event Excellence Awards. Lithium is the winner of the Attendee Engagement award for the Social CRM Virtual Summit. Lithium is honored to be named and recognized by ON24. I should say, too, that the event Lithium held in November 2009 on the ON24 platform was the result of countless hours of dedicated work and assistance from the ON24 virtual show team.

Interestingly, soon after the event, I was interviewed about the Social CRM Virtual Summit by Roger Yu of the USA Today as he was writing the article – Companies Turn to Virtual Trade Shows to Save Money.  The key items that Roger focused on, beyond savings in budget and travel time, were how well virtual events deliver your message as well as the fun and ease of meeting online. He also noted how virtual events provide a great platform to engage with lots of people in a short period of time while they are sitting at their desks.

When we originally conceived of the Social CRM Virtual Summit, we expected about 1,000 to 1,500 registrants.   As it turned out, 2,250 people had registered by the day of the event. Attendees spent an average of 2 hours logged in. Dozens of active conversations popped up on Twitter. Group chat discussions within the ON24 virtual environment were heavily attended, and often continued offline on forums and via email and telephone. Guest speakers, Lithium folks, customers, and analysts created dozens of supporting blogs.

All in all, this high level of engagement led to a body of educational information that hundreds of people retrieved well after the live event ended. We’ve received notes from many attendees that they most appreciated the content on best practices for evaluating and managing Social CRM. The event gave people an opportunity to meet and network with their peers and connect with old friends. 

Thank you to all those folks who nominated Lithium for this award.  And, thanks again to everyone who participated and the Lithium-ON24 team who produced a stellar event.   We can’t wait to engage virtually with you again soon.




ON24 Press Release: Online Marketing Institute, ON24 Announce Virtual Event Excellence Award Winners

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