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services page.PNGEver wondered how a successful community is planned, implemented, and optimized? Lithium's Services team is a trusted partner to hundreds of customers, helping to guide and build communities to ensure success. 


Today, we're shining a well deserved spotlight on our Services team with the launch of the Lithium Services page on Check out what strategic consulting and services we offer customers, including planning, design & implementation, moderation & management, and training and certification. Regardless of where a customer is in their social maturity, our team can help guide a strategy for a customer who's new to social, or help re-energize an existing social strategy. 


See why customers like Mozy have used words like "awesome" about the Lithium Services team or how Verizon finds them to be "a pleasure to work with." 

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Well, this is so true that I would like to add a few arguments to these critical components of Lithium offerings.


1) Lithium provides "SaaS" solutions: Lithium Community Platform and Lithium Social Web

2) In "SaaS", i.e. "Software as a Service", the important word is not "Software", it is "Service"...

3) Additionaly, Gartner states that 40% of community project fail within the first 12 months and that the only way to cover this risk is through "Strategic Consulting Services" like what Lithium provides and which are a critical complement to the platform.


Lithium provides the Science (i.e. the influence and behavioral analytics) and the Art of Communities (i.e. the best practices). They are undiscociable like the Ying and the Yang, like the sun and the moon, like the fabrics of Life itself.


The fantastic great news for our customers is that we provide a repeatable and sustainable "brand nation" experience. We reduce risk to the minimum possible risk: solely "your management".


Where do you want your brand today? 😉