Lithium Social Intelligence General Availability Rollout Well Underway

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analyticsthumbnail.pngAs of 14 June, 2013, we enabled Lithium Social Intelligence on 122 communities! Announced earlier this year, Lithium Social Intelligence takes a big data approach to allow you to analyze, visualize, and discover patterns in your community data. It allows you to measure performance across multiple community apps and derive insights through tables and charts with drill-down functionality. Communities are enabled weekly, so check with your account manager to determine when your communities are scheduled.


How do I access Lithium Social Intelligence once it is enabled?

  • Your admin should set you up with appropriate user permissions. 
  • Log in to your community. Click the Lithium Social Intelligence link located in the "Admin Dashboard" section. 

Key Points about  Lithium Social Intelligence Data

  1.  Lithium Social Intelligencetraffic metrics exclude Bot traffic and crawlers, greatly reducing the number of page views and visits you are used to seeing in Admin Metrics. Because we focus on human page views, you can measure where your members are going and what content they view or create with accuracy.
  2. Lithium Social Intelligence reports activity over a specific date range, while metrics displayed in the communityuser profiles and other community pages reflect all activity, human and bot, over its entire history.
  3. All  Lithium Social Intelligence data currently starts Jan 1, 2013. More historical data will be added as part of future enhancements, and we will share these details as they become available.
  4.  Lithium Social Intelligence reports are currently in UTC only; we will be adding an enhancement to a future version to adjust for individual time zones. To compare Admin Metrics, change your user profile settings to UTC first.


Metric Definitions

To understand how we are calculating and defining metrics, review our admin guide for a list. We also list any changes to our definitions from what you are used to in Admin Metrics.


Beta Feedback

While we are releasing our GA product, we will be releasing beta reports from time to time. The current release contains the Members Overview (BETA) report where you can see completed registrations and a new metric, Member Entrances which is a proxy for Logins.


We welcome feedback on Lithosphere:


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