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It’s been a big month for Lithium Social Web here at Lithium. Over the past few days and weeks, we’ve announced a series of new features and integrations: brands can now initiate private customer care on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, our integration with Twitter allows brands to collect customer feedback in real-time, adding a new dimension of customer experience metrics to the mix.


Today, we’re excited to share more about one of our most recent and cutting-edge product releases: Mobile Analytics. The business of social requires customer service teams to have quick visibility in order to be agile, identify trends early, and ultimately deliver the best customer experience possible. Our latest release will allow brands to do just that with an updated user experience and important analytics accessible on-the-go on Android and iPhone devices.




Mobile Analytics

We are bringing web analytics to our mobile app starting with one of our most powerful analytics offerings: shared dashboards. Shared dashboards are customizable analytics dashboards which users can create and share internally with anyone in the organization to track the performance of customer care initiatives. We want  customer service leaders to gain more visibility within their organizations on the great work they are doing in improving their efficiencies and increasing customer sentiment -- and we’ve heard loud and strong from our customers that Shared Dashboards has been key to achieving this.


If you are interested in learning more about how to take advantage of our latest product releases, we would love to hear from you.


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This sounds and looks really exciting.

Are these shared dashboard layouts working across device sizes or would one need to re-create new ones for the mobile analytics experience?

Did you have a chance to test it on Edge browsers as well? Working or supported even?

And finally: Are we getting closer to notification thresholds for analytics?

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Hey @Claudius, in order to provide the best experience and support all device sizes, we've custom designed and built mobile analytics within the LSW Mobile App (for both iOS and Android). If you're looking to view your analytics dashboards on a tablet or larger screen device, you can continue to use the web app which does support tablet resolutions. You can find lot more details on the mobile analytics experience on this thread:

LSW as a whole does work in IE 11, but it hasn't been fully tested on Edge so we can't claim to fully support that browser yet. Have you noticed issues when using it? 

In terms of notifications thresholds for analytics, I'm happy to report that we do now have analytics alerts for two shared dashboards widgets: Incoming Posts and Responses Meeting TAR SLA. When adding the widget, you can define the threshold that will trigger the alert/notification. More information on that feature can be found here:




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