Lithium Social Web Now Includes Twitter Discussion View and Team Performance Analytics

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Social customer service continues to get more complex and social agents and managers must respond to this ever-changing environment. To help our partners keep up with these increasing demands, Lithium today releases two new product upgrades to Lithium Social Web (LSW). The new Twitter Discussion View empowers social customer care agents with more Twitter information, which delivers an improved customer care experience. Lithium understands that our partners have various data needs and we continue to add new metrics and actionable analytics, including Team Performance Analytics, to improve productivity.


Twitter Discussion View

With this new release, agents see the full multi-author Twitter conversation, which allows them to determine the context of each inquiry and conversation. By having the full conversation on the LSW platform, agents save time as they no longer have to leave the platform to source more information or risk missing valuable context. We expect many of our clients to use this holistic view and added control to be more efficient, ultimately reducing time and, most importantly, delivering better customer service on social.


Twitter discussions 2.png


Analytics Dashboard Upgrades

In order to continue helping agents be productive and efficient, we have released new dashboard upgrades; managers now have a better look at how their agents are managing their workload and time, as well as how they’re meeting customer expectations. The new dashboard upgrades include:

  • Team performance analytics – an overview of agents’ performance, including: response handle time and conversation handle time along with real-time agent performance.
  • New analytics drill-downs – drilldowns are now available for New vs. Closed Conversations, Conversations Assigned to Offline Agents and for the Incoming Posts and Total Incoming Posts graphs.
  • Bulk close from conversation status breakdown graph – close conversations in entire queues or smart views to give you a cleaner view of metrics.
  • Analytics raw exports (beta) – a new set of raw exports for incoming posts and responses is now available for download from the analytics dashboard.

Team Dashboard.png 


If you are a Lithium customer want to get more details on how to leverage these new products and information on LSW, please visit the Lithium Social Web November Release Notes

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