Lithium acquires Klout

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This morning we announced that Lithium has acquired Klout, the pioneer in using big data to measure online expertise. I’m personally thrilled by what this represents for consumers and the brands they care about.


lithiumandklout.pngThe combination brings together the 100 million consumers who engage across Lithium communities every month with the 500 million consumers touched by Klout to establish one of the biggest data footprints of consumer attitudes, preferences and activities.


Lithium and Klout both have deep expertise and capabilities in driving engagement – combined, our ability to put trust back at the center of the relationship between consumers and brands is unmatched.


The new Lithium brings together trusted people and trusted content to create an exchange of shared value and a more complete measure of reputation.


Most importantly – and what really fires me up – is that this acquisition helps Lithium put the power back into consumers’ hands in a real way that delivers real benefits to consumers as well as brands.


The conversation between consumers and brands should be just that: a conversation, not a shout by brands at consumers. That’s the promise the new Lithium will deliver on.


We’re going to reveal what all this means for our product roadmap at our LiNC 2014 conference.

To learn more about LiNC or register to attend, visit


And if you’d like a little more on our vision, please read the full press release, check out the press kit and video below!




Rob Tarkoff is President and CEO of Lithium, responsible for strategic direction and corporate vision. 

He joined Lithium in Sept 2011 from Adobe Systems, where he served as Snr VP and General Manager of the Digital Enterprise Solutions business unit.


You can follow him onTwitter: @rtarkoff

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Honored Contributor
Great to see something official after all the buzz over the last few weeks, really looking forward to seeing how this translates to the lithium product set and roadmap. Exciting times 😉
Trusted Contributor

Congrats Lithium...will there be more information on how the technologies work together (roadmap) at LiNC?

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Thanks - we're really excited. Yes, we will be sharing info on the integration, product roadmap, strategy and vision at LiNC. Look forward to seeing you there.

New Commentator

This is fantastic. I predicted that Klout would be acquired for it's value in consumer data back in 2011.

Honored Contributor

Wow! Exciting news. Looking forward how Doctor "@MikeW" Wu will work his magic on the new expanded dataset and - besides completing the "Science of Social" trilogy - also come up with the new KLithium score as a worthy successor to CHI 😉

Now looking forward to LiNC more than ever.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hello @Claudius ,


Thx for the mention. 


That is my plan. I've already written some initial thoughts on this deal


There's more coming. 


Not sure, there will be a trilogy, but I'll definitely entertain the idea.


Looking forward to see you again at LiNC.

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