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Lithium and RightNow Technologies

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

You may have heard that RightNow has acquired HiveLive.  We believe RightNow’s acquisition is a strong validation of Lithium’s Social CRM vision ( of connecting online customer communities, traditional CRM systems, and the broader Social Web. 


Kudos to everyone who is realizing that CRM has to become social – Lithium and almost everyone we speak to believes this is an inevitable trend.  We congratulate RightNow on their early efforts here.


Lithium has partnered with RightNow at leading companies around the world who seek the best-in-class customer community platform to integrate with their eService systems, and we continue to value that partnership.  


Some of you may be wondering about our commitment to integration with RightNow. The quick story there is that we believe customers and the market will continue to demand the Lithium best-in-class solution integrated with their CRM solutions.  Only last week, CRM Magazine awarded Lithium its Rising Star award ( for our vision and proven success with the largest communities and companies in the world such as AT&T, Best Buy, SONY, RIM, and Univision.  Lithium was the only community platform provider given this award.  We are committed to offering the market and our customers the best possible solution for their needs.


So not only will we continue to support our integration to RightNow, we’re enhancing it. The latest version, which we’ve released this week, is very powerful: we built a widget framework so you can put almost any Lithium content in a contextually relevant place in the RNT customer portal; we made it so you can change the workflow to ask the community a question rather than creating a case; we’ve got configurable escalation rules between the community and the CRM system; and we’ve built a sweet integration to RightNow’s agent console to enable agents to close the loop -- see questions escalated from the community, search community content, then close the case back to the community – all without leaving their console.  This level of integration is unparalleled in the industry and will take some time for others to catch up.


But of course technology alone won’t make a Social CRM deployment successful.  You need a deep understanding of the dynamics of customer networks. You need the tools to be able to measure how you’re doing, and the wisdom to read the measurements properly. You need some successes to act as a benchmark, so you know what to when things don’t go according to plan, and what to do when you’re beating your plan. 


As many industry analysts have observed, customer community and Social CRM success relies heavily on proven methods and best practices in community management.  Lithium has over a decade of these best practices and will continue to offer them – as well as the industry’s best functionality --  to joint RightNow customers and everyone else.

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