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Lithium’s Education Program extended – ‘Empowering our Community’

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

I’m excited to announce that we’re taking Lithium Learning to the next level. Starting today, we’re rolling out new training courses on the Lithium Community and on We’re also offering instructor-led courses and certification programs, which you can take in person, at Lithium locations around the world, at your location or virtually. The Lithium education team is ready to answer any questions, register you for a course, or help customize a training program specifically for you or your business.   


How it works:

We suggest specific courses depending on your role. Lithium can assist with setting up individual accounts for you and your team to access the tutorials or attend a training course.


blog_trainingfourtracks.pngOur Foundation Training provides video tutorials for all types of users. Each tutorial provides an overview of Lithium’s products and features. These videos range from 2–30 minutes.


Our tutorials can be found here on Lithium’s community.


Our Advanced Training provides classes for participants to get an in-depth understanding of Lithium’s products by teaching best practices, demonstrating concepts, and incorporating customer success stories.

Our Certification Program bridges the gap between measurable expertise and work experience for Community Managers, Agents, Developers, and Business teams.


Each Master Class provides access to our thought leaders and other leading experts, which stimulates discussions about strategy and practice, supported by current best practices for building successful social strategies.


Advanced classes will be available as of May 1, 2014



Moderation Principles

The Moderation Principles advanced course teaches you how to apply moderation best practices and become a great community moderator.  


This training features best-in-class examples, strategies for dealing with common pitfalls, tips on analyzing site metrics, and moderation guidelines.  


Participants learn to:

  •        Understand moderation tasks
  •        Create and enforce community guidelines
  •        Maintain a positive atmosphere
  •        Create effective moderation reports for management


blog_training_bitesize.pngLithium Social Web: Tags, Routing, and Prioritization

The Tags, Routing, and Prioritization advanced course teaches you how to create, edit, and structure your tags, rules, and work queues in Lithium Social Web (LSW).  


The training features a mix of detailed functionality instruction, real business scenarios, and several hands-on exercises.  


Participants learn to:

  • Create advanced rules for conversation and author tags
  • Create the appropriate structure of work queues that match the skills, languages, and location of your social agents
  • Create and order routing rules to map incoming conversations to the appropriate agents and teams. 
  • Create custom priority rules to ensure the most actionable posts and conversations rise to the top of the Available queue


Studio Concepts I

The Studio Concepts I course explains the framework and concepts of the Lithium Studio product and gives you the chance to create, edit, and design components, page-layouts and skins.


The training features development guidelines, best practices, and hands-on exercises.


 Participants learn about:

  •        Creating new skins for community pages
  •        Adding and modifying Lithium pages (Community, Category, Forum, Blog)
  •        Designing and creating custom content
  •        How endpoints work with HTML, AJAX, and JSON calls
  •        Versioning and publishing best practices


*Studio Concepts II – After completing Studio Concepts I - you can sign up for Studio Concepts II, a full-day course customized for you.


For example, you could focus the course on applying your design, skins, or custom content to match your business requirements, wireframes, and design documents.  


Design Principles

The Design Principles advanced course will teach you how to create, edit and structure styling for your community using CSS, custom components, REST API/freemarker. Understanding design concepts as they relate to the lithium application and how to apply those concept to your community.


This training features customer examples, guidelines, design community checklists, and hands-on exercises. Recommended for branding designers, UI/UX designers, Icon designers, and front-end developers.


 Participants learn how:

  •        Understand the difference between designing for applications vs. websites
  •        Configuration affects and manipulates the user interface
  •        Learn how to add graphics, additional  assets, rank icons, badges, and enable features
  •        Create custom components with added features, display, UI by using REST, Freemarker, Endpoints and JS


Contact me or send an email to the Lithium education team for more information.


Warm regards,
Kelly Thompson




 Jordan Suffin is Director of Training Services at Lithium, responsible for development and delivery of educational and engaging training materials. He previously worked at MicroStrategy where he spent 16 years in various education roles, starting out as a technical trainer for the West region and more recently running Global Partner Sales & Technical Training and Internal Sales Training/Onboarding programs.


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