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Lithosphere recent changes & new features

Retired Community Manager

Happy Friday everyone!


You may have noticed we've been tinkering around Lithosphere quite a bit over the past week. There have been some changes in structure, the community has been upgraded to 13.3 and we've enabled many new features for you to try out. Here's an overview of everything new:



lincboard.pngLiNC board

The LiNC board has been moved to the community level and we've opened it up to all registered users in preparation for LiNC - for 1 month only! It's a great place to connect, arrange meet ups with others of similar interests or industry, get answers to your questions & stay updated on all things LiNC on Lithosphere.   A LiNC knowledge base has also been created to compile frequently asked questions - view it here.




Lithium Social Web board

If you're a Lithium Social Web customer,  you'll notice that we've expanded the LSW area to include a discussion forum where you can ask questions, share best practices & work with other customers to flesh out ideas before submitting them to our idea  exchange. You can access the new category from the Support section, where you'll get an overview of all recent content from the Lithium Social Web knowledge base & board.




We've added the recommendations component to forum threads, blog articles and knowledge base articles to help you discover more content relevant to the topics you're interested in. Recommendations were introduced in the 12.9 release and you can find out more about the feature in  Admin Guide: Recommendations


Labels  subscription

This gem, introduced in the 12.12 release  seems to have gone unnoticed! We're happy to share that you now have the ability to subscribe to labels and automatically get notified when new content is posted under the label of interest. Upon selecting a label, you'll be offered the option to subscribe or unsubscribe as appropriate.




topsolutionslb.pngMark as Accepted Solutions reminder & Solved Topic notifications

By marking solutions as accepted, you're helping the community to quickly find solutions through search or when browsing threads. You'll now be reminded to review responses to your question 7 days after they were posted, and invited to mark the correct one as accepted.  If you've subscribed to a topic of interest, you'll be notified when verified answers have been posted. Find out more in the 13.3 release notes.



Top Solution Authors Leaderboard

We've added the top solution authors leaderboard to the landing page and board pages to spotlight the most knowledgeable & helpful members of the community over the past 30 days.  This new leaderboard was introduced as part of the 13.2 release.



 mentions.png@Mentions (currently in beta)

This long awaited feature is now available on Lithosphere!  Call out specific users in posts by typing @username and selecting the user through the suggested list. This will trigger an email notification letting the user know they were mentioned and inviting them to join the conversation. Please note the feature is still in early beta and you may encounter some kinks. Customers and partners are invited to leave feedback in the @mentions beta discussion.


If you're interested in this feature for your community, please contact Support or your Account Manager to find out if you meet criteria  for the beta program. View the 13.3 release notes for more information






** Remember that your email address will need to be verified in order to receive any email notifications from the community. You can change the frequency or format of notifications via your account settings.


I hope you enjoy these new additions! If you have suggestions on how we can further improve the community, please let us know by posting on suggestions for lithosphere.


Customers & partners are invited to shares their ideas and comments to help shape our products on our idea exchange.


Wishing you all a great week end!

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