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Maintaining Human Experiences in a Bot Crazy World

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

It’s no secret, chat bots are all the craze right now. And we’re seeing more and more brands provide great experiences through them, from allowing you to catch a Lyft to learning about world issues through humanitarian bots -  bots are here to stay. However, when it comes to contacting customer service, sometimes people just want to talk to a human.


In the customer service case, brands need to be careful how they use bots because the main purpose of bots, in general, should be to enhance the customer’s experience, not take away from it.


Brands should know that the rule of thumb for any customer service bot experience is:


Brands should make it crystal clear to customers whether they are talking to a bot or a human.


There are times when customers may prefer to talk to a bot because bots in customer service are  quick, provide direct responses and are great for things like retrieving account status, making a standard purchase or checking into a flight.  But, yet again, there are still times when customers just want to talk to a human.


How many times have we all wondered whether we’re talking to a human or a robot? Personally, when I have a specific problem, I want to explain it to a human all at once, so I can get in, get it solved, and move on with my day. I don’t want to follow some “bot flow” that most likely will end up sending me to a support agent anyway. 


Luckily, Twitter has made this a problem of the past! Twitter announced yesterday that along with one of the top brands leading the charge on social customer service, they will be offering Custom Profiles for support agents.


What does that mean? Well, the new feature now allows brands to provide a more human digital experience by showing customers who exactly is engaging with them on Twitter. 



This image was taken from the original post on Twitter.


Now, not only does a customer know they are talking to a human, they know who they are talking to. For instance, this customer is exchanging messages with Alissa Fast from T-Mobile and is getting personal one-to-one help from another human.


This really adds value to a customer’s experience with the brand, and gives customers the confidence that they are not talking to a machine. And, most importantly, a little less frustrated, since customers now know that they are talking to a happy, smiling, human.


According to Twitter’s blog, “personalized experiences with a human connection can create significant benefits for businesses. 77% of people are likely to recommend a brand following a personalized customer service interaction on Twitter. Additionally, people are 19% more likely to feel like they’ve reached a resolution and 22% more likely to be satisfied compared to those who had impersonal interactions with a business on Twitter.”


If you’re a business interested in enabling Custom Profiles in Direct Messages for your agents, please let Twitter know you’re interested here. As a Twitter Official Partner, Lithium can enable this functionality for you once you are approved by Twitter.


What do you think about the new Twitter Custom Profiles feature? Can you see your support team using it?


Let us know in the comments.


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