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March Community Highlights

Content Coordinator

Almost a month has passed since Khoros entered a company-wide work from home initiative. We are happy to report Khoros has not slowed down and we are still here to keep you moving forward and all ways connected.

@JacobBo produced an excellent source of information regarding Best Practices for Community Management in a Crisis. The information didn’t stop there, the conversation continues for Khoros customers in our Group Hub for Crisis Management Tools

Group hubs are proving to be a powerful tool to drive engagement. @StanGromer and @Wendy_S shared their great hub ideas with @mdfw. Show us how you plan to use group hubs in your community by commenting below! 



Atlas Discussions 

Last month we hosted a Crisis Management Expert Event, and our community produced an incredible amount of helpful articles packed with advice and discussions. 

@Toby sparked a discussion to help clients remain productive and @KenzieW gathered tips on working from home

@KateHo, along with many others, answered @sarahnilson’s question about monitoring crisis with intelligence.

Check out this amazing example from @CarolineS and her team about turning a rough situation into a positive through community contests

@StanGromer and @AlanA shared their ideas on how to use the community as support for virtual events

@A11ey shared great advice on striking a balance between crisis-related content and business as usual content.


Atlas Blogs


Although many events have been canceled due to recent events, @KatieMa has great tips on how to reassess plans and convert them to a digital space.

Now, more than ever, customers communicate digitally, @KatieD posted a great webinar on modernizing contact centers and engaging with customers in a digital environment

In case you missed it, last month Khoros Care hosted a live webinar and Q&A with their customers to share a playbook for supporting customers during a COVID-19 pandemic.


Top Kudoed Contributors

We are currently experiencing issues with our community analytics so we are unable to share this month's top contributors. We will be sure to include them in our next monthly update!


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