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Meet Lithium’s Newest eStaff Members

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Meet our new CMO, Katherine Calvert.


Tell us a little about your new role- why did you join, what are your immediate priorities, what are your longer-term priorities?

I joined Lithium a month ago as the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer, with responsibility for the company’s global marketing efforts – our demand gen programs, our customer events, our corporate and product positioning, and even our pricing and packaging. It was an easy choice to join Lithium, for two reasons: 1) I worked with our new CEO, Pete Hess, for 10 years at Advent Software, so I knew I was joining a great group of people, and, 2) at Advent, we were a Lithium customer, so I already knew I loved the Lithium solution. It’s a lot easier to market something you love! My short-term priorities are pretty simple - listen and learn. I want to learn as much as I can about our amazing customers, our solutions, and what you wish for from Lithium. My longer-term priority is to help the company reignite our growth, and the powerful success stories so many of you have shared are awesome tools to do that!


What excites you most about the industry? About Lithium?

Customers don’t think about interacting with your marketing department, your sales team or your support team – you are one team to your customer and every interaction they have defines your brand – but silo’ed departments and separate tech stacks within organizations have hobbled the ability to respond as one team to our customers. THAT is what gets me so excited about Lithium: we put that customer conversation at the center of the enterprise, making it easy to have engaging connections at scale that delight your customers and ultimately make your brand that much stronger and more authentic. I’ve spent most of my career in B2B tech marketing, and I’m a pretty good storyteller but the reality is, even the most compelling corporate positioning is meaningless if it’s not rooted in the truth of your customers’ experience with your brand, and Lithium gets your customer right into the heart of your company.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I love spending time with my husband and three children: supporting their activities, traveling together, or just hanging out. I also love relaxing with a good book (ideally on a beach), seeing live music, or having a glass of wine with great friends. 






Meet Sam Monti, our new CFO.



Tell us a little about your new role- why did you join, what are your immediate priorities, what are your longer-term priorities?

I joined Lithium in April from Mitratech Holdings Inc. where I was both CFO and COO.  Through several acquisitions and sales, I was able to gain insight and experience on best practices both in the realm of operational and financial efficiencies. While my career journey began in accounting, and then into the private equity space, I found a high level of interest in the SaaS industry.  My priority is to bring about operational and organizational efficiencies at Lithium. I hope that across the organization, I can help facilitate the “agent of change”, partnering with our sales, customer success, and other organizations to cultivate a collaborative environment that enables us all to succeed, and most of all, enables you all to succeed.


What excites you most about the industry? About Lithium?

I’ve learned that every company needs to be “a software company”. I’m excited about the industry as everyone pivots to that mentality- that great business results can be achieved through excellent client experiences. At Lithium, I’m excited to delve further into what digital and social media can mean for success of your businesses going forward, and really provide a “best-in-class” experience. I’m excited to connect what we do with our customers to what we do as an organization. And if you have good strategy out the gate, you’ll be in front of it.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

My wife, two daughters and I live in Austin, Texas. We are very family-focused in our household, spending a lot of time on weekends at tennis tournaments. When we aren’t courtside, we are usually by the pool, out for a movie or dinner, spending quality time together.