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Merging Lanes

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

merge by xmattI obliquely mentioned in my last update that there were some changes coming up in the community. Well first up are few changes outside the community on our site:


  • The navigation menu button has changed from 'Lithosphere' to 'Community' to be more clear. One of those little things that seems so obvious now in hindsight. Hopefully with this change new visitors can find our community more readily!


  • We are also taking the opportunity to change the community links to direct users straight to the main pages, bypassing the sample landing page. Two reasons for this:
  1. We want to provide more flexibility in the kinds of content we display on our sample page, which conflicts somewhat with its function as a landing page.
  2. After measuring performance of the site we are seeing that we are losing some of our traffic at this page.To optimize the flow-through to the community, we're removing the extra click from the path.

To be clear, the landing page hasn't gone away, it will still be available by clicking on the logo in the header (and through other links later as well). But it will no longer be the first thing new visitors see when they come to the community.


That's all for tonight, more to come soon!



Photo by xmatt