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Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But Awesome Experiences Can

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

How to keep customers happy is a challenge that businesses – big or small - tackle every day. But here at Lithium, we wanted to understand this concept of ‘customer happiness’ on a deeper level. Last week, we celebrated International Happiness Day on March 20 by sharing the findings of a survey we commissioned with Harris Poll to find out the true value of a “happy customer.” (Check out the full results here!)


Value of Hapiness.jpg

As a result of our study, our very own Rob Tarkoff (@RobT) participated in a live interview with KGO Radio’s consumer expert, Michael Finney, to discuss the findings. In the interview, Rob stressed how digital is the easiest way for brands to create and retain happy customers in our digital-first world.


Rob also noted that: if adults stopped using a brand/company because of a bad experience, more than 70% are unlikely to ever start using that brand/company again.


Michael had a ton of questions and even asked Rob: “I’m thinking if I believe this or not… When something is going wrong, I notice no one says anything, but me. So, I’m having a hard time imagining that people don’t go back or use those services again.”


To hear how Rob answered check out the full interview here

Plus, you’ll hear the survey’s most interesting data and Rob delve into the importance of brands creating positive digital customer experiences.


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