Monster Loyalty Webcast Recap

Lithium Alumni (Retired)


One of the first things that we learned during the webcast is that author Jackie Huba is not only loyal but also eccentric. Not unlike the subject of her book, "Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers Into Fanatics."



As a Pittsburgh native, she not only runs the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club in Austin, Texas, she has a tattoo of the team logo. Of course, only a fanatic gets a brand tattooed on their body. Now that she lives in Austin, she is most inspired by “weird stuff” and would be a drag queen if not a writer and speaker whose current favorite word is “amazeballs.”



But it was Jackie’s experience while working at staid IBM that triggered an interest in understanding customer pain points – something pretty rare at the time for a culture so focused around engineering. It’s part of a journey that has led to her to Lady Gaga.


Much of the disussion between Jackie and Lithium's Katy Keim was about how Gaga goes about creating authentic, emotional, connections with her fans. The way Lady Gaga interacts with those fans is a pretty compelling lesson for brands and Jackie isn’t the only one who has noticed - big brands like Coca-Cola have started to benchmark Gaga too.


With customer expectations on the rise with the likes of Google, Netflix and Amazon leading the way, how do brands now need to think about competing when that’s the new standard of great? One way, is to consider what loyalty does for the business, because a community of advocates and fans is a great weapon even when brands don’t meet those expectations.


BookShot2.JPGThis community of one-percenters or superfans are huge value creators who produce a lot of revenue and provide substantial word-of-mouth marketing. So, focusing on and engaging these folks seems pretty important, right?


Making people feel like rock stars is easy for Lady Gaga, but how can companies do this? To learn how your company can better leverage loyalty and be amazeballs, view the webcast on demand here.





Richard Reilly is the Director of Corporate Events at Lithium Technologies. He joined Lithium in 2011 from an experiential marketing agency.

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