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We are very excited to announce - as you may already know- that Geoffrey Moore will be joining us for the next episode in our Let’s Be Frank series on Tuesday, February 11th @ 1:30 PM.


Geoffrey Moore earned his BA in American Literature from Stanford as well as a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Washington. He is a an author, speaker, and advisor who splits his consulting time between start-up companies in the Mohr Davidow portfolio and established high-tech enterprises.


Moore’s life work has focused on the market dynamics surrounding disruptive technologies. He is widely known for his best-selling book Crossing the Chasm. His idea of the “chasm” is a revolutionary concept defined as, “the separation of the early market and early adopter visionaries from the early pragmatists when confronted with discontinuous innovations.” Crossing the Chasm has sold over a million copies around the world.


This discussion will provide commentary for anyone looking to understand the strategies and subtleties of high-tech marketing.


In short, Moore is a super star and we are thrilled to have him join us tomorrow at 1:30 at Lithium Technologies HQ. See you there!


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