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New Analyst Reports: Competitive and Technology Strategy in the Age of the Customer

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

strategy.pngTo succeed in the Age of the Customer you don’t just need to be customer focused, you need to be customer obsessed. Every move you make must be laser-focused on how it will impact the customer experience. Because the consequences for delivering a bad experience are just too high today. Social media has put enormous power in the hands of the customer and their well-socialized disappointments have huge influence.


Palms sweating?


Don’t worry. All you need is a Competitive Strategy in the Age of the Customer. This new Forrester report will help you leverage (not drown in) all the digital marketplace disruption swirling around us. Get advice on what your customer-obsessed business model should look like, and why to focus more on business technology.


Palms sweating again?


Yep—your business technology investments will be crucial in helping you to retain customers. But not to worry yet again. Technology Management in the Age of the Customer, another new report from our friends at Forrester will help you untangle the BT knot you’re likely facing (if you’re like most companies today). Find out why IT can’t be the only driving technological force within your business, why  marketing , IT, and BT departments need to unite and work together, and what’s possible when they do.