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Phil Soffer is Vice President of Product Marketing at Lithium Technologies. He has held a number of positions at the company influencing the direction of the platform, most recently running Product Management.


He is active on Twitter as @phsoffer and is a regular contributor in the Lithosphere where he is PhilS. 8WZ39PE8TDKD


If you've been reading in this space, you know that we've been doing a lot of work research and development on analytics, particularly on how to identify and nurture customer advocates within your community. Today, Altimeter Group and Web Analytics Demystified have released an important new report that places that work in the context of social web marketing analytics.


One of the most important things the report does is classify social marketing projects into four different business objectives and put a stake in the ground about what the appropriate measurements are for those objectives.


Reasonable people will disagree about the measures that the report proposes, but it's an important step forward to propose standard measurements, and Jeremiah Owyang and John Lovett are a very powerful combination. As we've been saying in this space, the conversations around implementing social media projects become more much productive once we orient them around terms that drive businesses: ROI, reach, and so on.


Have a look at the report!

Social Marketing Analytics
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