New Year – new blog program

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Announcing changes in Lithosphere blogging program.


Wow, December already? A lot has changed in 2009, the explosion in Social CRM, the growth of Lithium’s team and platform and more new great customers. With all the changes going on, both internally here and with the change in emphasis on the market and community space we’re taking the step to restructure our blog programs.

Why? Well the main reason is, frankly, we had accumulated a lot of blogs… and it got somewhat confusing for readers. So a consolidation made sense to make the blogs easy to consume and have clear topics. We had authors starting to cross post between blogs, so with a much more simplified ‘theme-oriented’ structure we can encourage this cross posting depending on the topics.


This is going to be the new blog roll:


  • With the industry emphasis on Social CRM and our pioneering work in that space, we are dedicating one blog to this topic – this will be an evolution of ‘Core Matters’ into the new ‘Social CRM Matters’. I spent a long time working on that name!
  • Our best practice blogs from Joe and Scott are very popular – unfortunately so is their time at events, conference and with our customers. Rather than run two blogs here, we’re combining them into the new ‘Best Practice: The Enterprise Community Blog’.  You’ll still get your dose of Joe and Scott, but you’ll also start to see posts from our very knowledgeable CSM and best practice team to talk about the art of running healthy, lively and vibrant communities. There’s a lot of knowledge in the team here. Seems a shame to hide it away.
  • A number of people have asked if we can have one place to read about what’s going on with the Lithium products. You’re right, we had too many choices there. ‘Building Community:  the Lithium platform blog’ will be the definitive place to find out about all the great products, like Studio, Mobile, Twitter, as well as get the insight from principle scientist, Michael Wu.
  • The ‘Lithosphere Log: News & Events’ is intended to ‘do exactly what it says on the tin’. This is where we’ll have community commentary, user interviews, tips and event coverage.

In the next few weeks we’ll be moving all the content to its new home, and archiving any particularly old material too. 

Please let us know if there are topics and areas you want us to write about, just drop us a comment in the blogs and if we can, we’ll add it to the editorial calendar.


Thanks to all the readers/subscribers so far, and here’s to another fun packed year ahead!

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