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NordicClick Interactive Case Study

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Right on the heel’s of Margaret’s post about why agencies use Scout Labs, we bring you this case study from NordicClick Interactive.

Mike McAnally is one of the founders of NordicClick, a leading web strategy and interactive marketing agency in the Midwest. Mike helped to build the agency with a strong focus on metrics, A/B testing and optimization for their sizeable roster of clients including large consumer brands and manufacturing clients. 
When Mike started steering the agency towards a social media capability, like so many, the team grappled with an unwieldy mix of tracking tools. Cobbling together RSS feeds and Google alerts to harness social media activity across a variety of clients and industries was “terribly messy,” says Mike.


The NordicClick team began actively seeking a single solution that would first give them all the social media data they needed—which in an agency environment can be considerable. NordicClick needed an application that would allow for multiple users and multiple searches across a large client base that covered a dozen or more industries. The social media analysis platform they chose not only needed to be comprehensive, but also needed to help to make their practice more efficient and more effective.


“We weren’t going to make an investment in a social media practice that was just about listening,” Mike says. “Our agency motto is ‘Listen, learn and share’. We needed a platform that would let us learn about a client’s business in meaningful ways and let us share that information easily.”


Mike and his team reviewed several social media analysis platforms, but found them to be “over-engineered.”They were immediately attracted to Scout Labs as “an aggregator of all social media channels”, a collection of data from thousands of sites, but mostly to the fact that his dashboards are organized in intuitive, meaningful ways. 


“The interface is clean, simple and intuitive and the graphs are perfect for client-facing PowerPoints. We routinely pull screenshots from Scout Labs into our client presentations to demonstrate the insight we’re getting from social media.”

Indeed, NordicClick harvests a great deal of value for their clients from the Scout Labs platform. 


They routinely use Scout Labs to conduct keyword research, competitive analysis, buzz tracking, SEO audits, sentiment searches, for soft selling customer services and reputation management just to name a few. Since the agency began using Scout Labs, “we log in at least every day and whenever we get alerts,” says Mike. “Everyone’s been trained on it, our contractors use it. We typically provide monthly and quarterly social media analysis reviews for most if not all of our clients.”

NordicClick’s approach for landing social media strategy business is to sell a social media analysis capability to all of their clients up front. Even if they don’t sign on, the team automatically sets up a workspace for the new client brand, resellers and competitors “so when we open up the workspace and they see the amazing data, the immediately sign on for the value. It’s a no-brainer.”

“I would describe Scout Labs as one big user group,” says Mike. “Excellent value for the money, it’s great for stress-testing all kinds of strategy, from keywords, to Twitter campaigns to PR.”

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