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 It is only August?  Is it still 7 months away?   At Lithium, we're already buzzing about SXSW.  


Over the years, we've had so much fun giving away superhero underoo's  (yeah we did!) Photo Mar 12, 5 15 21 PM.jpgand throwing a great party, "Group Therapy for Social Strategists" with our buddies at
Ant's Eye View.  
For all of us at Lithium, SXSW is about networking, bonding and (most importantly!) sharing what we've all learned from you, our customers.


Group Therapy for Social StrategistsWe're still brewing up our plans for SXSW 2013 - stay tuned for details.  In the mean time, check out these 5 panels from our Lithium team and add your vote if you'd like to see us on the schedule.  This year, we've got really diverse indy presentations and one panel that is sure to ROCK - thanks Becky Carroll for joining!


Are you as excited as we are?  Then take a moment vote for these sessions by clicking on the titles below.  Thank you for your support now and always!




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A serious game: business models for innovatorsapc.jpeg


Presented by Amber Porter Telfer, Director, Agency & Partner Solutions at Lithium Technologies  @dotamber


By leveraging social influence and gamification, businesses are changing the nature of innovation and product development.   There’s a whole new breed of business leveraging state of the art social communities and gamification. They are proving it’s possible to fulfill the high expectations of the modern customer and to meet or exceed business objectives. Gartner Predicts that 50% of companies managing innovation and research will use gamification by 2015. More than 70% of global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application. If you want to innovate, you’ll need to understand the game.   Learn more about success stories and what brands are doing to create value in the current marketplace.



LISTENING: Methodology & Insightsek for litho.jpg


Presented by Erin Korogodsky, Social Strategist at Lithium Technologies  @erinkoro


Here, you'll learn a quick methodology for finding and listening to the right conversations happening in the social web. You'll learn how to analyze the conversations that your brand is part of and more importantly, the conversations your brand is not part of. This isn't about channels, its about relevancy and opportunity.   Key takeaways:   How to structure a social analysis in 30 minutes //  Get the white-space insights - what didn't they say? //  How to have a conversation with an executive about why this is critically important   //  Tools (free and paid) to find and report insights



Customer Experience 2.0: The Bar Has Been Raisedkatyk.png


Presented by Katy Keim, Lithium CMO @katykeim and Becky Carroll, President of Petra Consulting @bcarroll7


becky_carroll_0.jpegCustomer Experience 2.0 is here, and the bar has been raised.

Thanks to social media, there's an endless stream of customers sharing what they want from brands. So, why are brands too slow to deliver?  A digital frenzy and a data avalanche can paralyze the good intentions of any brand. Having a page in every little social network comes with big headaches: you have to fit your brand into each channel's UI, speak the channel's vernacular, understand the culture and find meaning in useless measurements. Being there isn't enough.  This session shares how some of the worlds biggest brands broke free from the social-media-channel-du-jour and focused on delivering a superior social experience. Learn how they got strategic, meeting new expectations by building a community that gives customers a chance to FEEL part of the brand because they ARE part of the brand.



Add Real-World Knowledge to Your Social Media Appbruce smith.jpeg


Presented by Bruce Smith, Scientist at Lithium Technologies @btsmith


From a tweet "on my way to Wrigley Field with friends" you assume the author is a baseball fan in the Chicago area. You needn't analyze her social network or find a geotag. You simply use real-world knowledge: Wrigley Field is a baseball park in Chicago.  You might think this could not be automated, because it costs too much to compile and maintain a "knowledge base" of real-world information. But, today volunteers compile and maintain enormous knowledge bases, such as Wikipedia, which are free to use.  In this session, I'll describe free knowledge resources, like DBpedia, which is derived from Wikipedia. I'll describe the Resource Description Framework (RDF), which is widely used for knowledge representation. And, I'll talk about free software to work with RDF. Finally, I'll talk about adding real-world knowledge to your social media app, to help analyze social data and engage with consumers. If you rode a hacker bus to SXSW, here are some new tricks for your social media app!



Do It LIVE: An Experiment On Social Collaborationmichael_wu_headshot-300x300.jpeg


Presented by Michael Wu, Chief Scientist at Lithium Technologies @mich8elWu


What does it take for a group of people to collaborate? Dr. Michael Wu will conduct a live experiment with the audience at SXSWi to identify the conditions necessary to foster a collaborative environment. As part of this experiment, Dr. Wu will present an analytics framework for quantifying collaboration based on social network analysis (SNA). Participants will get an intuitive understanding of basic concepts in SNA and learn about its computation in laymen's terms. This experiment will give the audience examples of how this computational framework is applied in finding influencers. Finally, Dr. Wu will perform a real-time analysis of the audience collaboration using the framework with open source SNA tools. The result of this analysis will be presented at the end of the session where he will examine the results of the live experiment together with the the audience, describing some of the high level insights on what makes collaboration work.





Erin Korogodsky is Lithium's social media quarterback.  Obsessed with social media, Erin has worked with Lithium clients to monitor their brands and brainstorm social strategy, with a focus on enlisting and engaging passionate fans.  She is a frequent blogger on the Lithosphere (as ErinKoro) and you can follow her on twitter at @erinkoro and one of the team on @LithiumTech.